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Carbon offsets are essential to become carbon neutral certified

Businesses are leading the charge towards a net-zero economy.

Switching to renewable energy, reducing emissions from travel, and minimising waste can all help in the flight against climate change - but this alone is not enough.

In order to become carbon neutral, businesses must offset their remaining CO2 emissions.

Our high-quality carbon offsets ensure real CO2 reduction in the atmosphere

Carbon offsets work by growing trees or regenerating land so that CO2 is sequestered out of the atmosphere and stored in trees or soil. This process offsets the carbon emissions produced by businesses.

Carbon credits purchased through Sixth Element are fully compliant with government standards for becoming certified carbon neutral.

Track and measure your carbon offsets as they grow

Our customers have full transparency over how carbon offsets are grown - including labour used, species type, and growth rates.

The platform allows for monitoring, measuring, and forecasting future carbon credit supply based on up to date environmental and ecological data.

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