Choose projects from all around Australia

We give you access to projects from carbon farmers all around the country who produce high quality, accredited carbon offsets. These projects support local, regional communities that are on the front lines fighting climate change.

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Your Carbon Credit Report and Dashboard

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About the dashboard

The Sixth Element dashboard produces all you need to know about your certified offsets. See the value of carbon credits (at both purchase price and todays market value). You will be able to see where your credits are growing, and the inputs used to produce the offsets.

What you get from the dashboard

Track your carbon credit portfolio, and generate a report and interactive visual map for your offsets. You can use these reports for internal and external ESG reporting.

Secure carbon credits

Purchase carbon credits for your organization. Get enhanced access, control, and promotional support. Join 1000+ leading brands that are offsetting emissions and restoring nature by supporting forest projects through the marketplace.